Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – Week 13 Picks And Predictions


If the season ended today, the Denver Broncos would be doing the same thing that we would during the Playoffs. They would be sitting at home and watching the remaining teams battling for the ultimate prize of the NFL. They lost in heart-breaking fashion to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, and defending champs need to get back on track as soon as possible.

Luckily, they will be going up against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Probably one of the best opponents that a struggling team can face. They are the perfect rival for Broncos to bounce back against.

Blake Bortles and his offense never really got it all together this season. Jags spent a lot of money on their defense, thinking that offense is going to be just fine. Well, that all turned out pretty bad. The O-line has a lot of underachievers while the money on the defense hasn’t paid off yet. Maybe it will next year, but this season it didn’t and the Jags ended up being a huge disappointment.


They lost to the Buffalo Bills on the road this past week. Even though they played a competitive football and could have won the game, they fell short. Their offense couldn’t make enough plays for them to win that matchup.

If they had a tough time doing that when it mattered against the Bills, how are they going to match up against this Denver Broncos‘ defense? Probably not well.

Trevor Siemian is bound to have a great game against this Jaguars‘ defense while leading the Denver Broncos to their 8th win of the season. Jacksonville will put up a fight as this duel is played in Florida, but we are giving them almost no shot at beating the reigning champions. The final score should be 30:20 in favor of the visiting team.