Denver Nuggets – Season Preview And Predictions

In the past couple of years, everybody has always been talking about Nuggets as a young team, that has a few good players that are athletic and fun to watch. And we can say that about this years Denver team as well. But, have they improved?

First of all, we need to talk about this Denver front court. Jusuf Nurkić and Nikola Jokić are two great pieces for this Denver squad. You can easily put Jokić at the four since he is a better threat from outside, while you can play Nurkić at five as he is a better defender. These guys can play and will be key for this team going forward.

Their backcourt is also strong. With two young and up and coming players in sophomore Mudiay and rookie Murray. This is a backcourt to watch this season, and they are also great bits of this franchise.

At the three they have Danilo Gallinari who is still probably the best player on this team. And if this squad is to take that next step in becoming a playoff contender this or the next year, somebody will need to take Gallo’s spot as the best player on the Nuggets.

Here we have the biggest sleeper in the Western Conference. If they can get all of their professionals playing well, they can even make the playoffs this season, and we wouldn’t be surprised. However, we are not going to pick them to go to the postseason. They are probably one year away from doing that, and that is why we are picking them to win 34 games this season. They will go 34-48 and miss this year’s postseason.