Sony Decides to Develop PlayStation Games for Smartphones

According to various reports, iOS and Android smartphones will get PlayStation Games in 2018.

Smartphones will get at least five titles which will be based on PlayStation games. The Asian market will be the first one to enjoy these games, which will be released in the next 18 months, judging by Japanese news site Nikkei.

A new division in Sony named ForwardWorks will be in charge of the production for the smartphone market.

Only four years ago, Sony launched PlayStation Mobile. In case you didn’t know, it is a software platform which allows you to download independently produced PS games, but only if you own a “PlayStation certified” phone like several Sony Xperia models. Due to the lack of interest, PlayStation Mobile was killed off in the summer.

Sony is not the only one trying to expand their range to the smartphones. Miitomo was a successful game Nintendo released in March after which the company invested a lot of money and energy to produce an ultimate hit – Pokemon Go. It paid off, considering that the game has more than 500 million downloads.

According to game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Run will also find its way to iPhones and Android devices. Furthermore, popular console games such as Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will appear on smartphones.

Sony needs to wake up and challenge Nintendo on the smartphone market. Meanwhile, Sony PlayStation 4 has already had more the 40 million sales.

Sony hasn’t yet announced which games will be available on smartphones, but we believe that titles like Gran Turismo, Uncharted, and Crash Bandicoot are a must.