Details About Bray Wyatt Messy Divorce

Bray Wyatt is not doing so well in the WWE. There is no doubt that he is talented and that he has the potential for great feuds, but for some reason, the company always has him on the losing side. The general belief is that losses won’t hit him as hard as he is a great promo. That might be true since he has lost a lot and yet the fans are still interested in him. But, for Wyatt, that is for sure not a good thing as he wants to be on top.

Many are going to agree with him as they see the talent that he has. WWE just needs to give him something to work with, to throw him a bone.

On top of that, things in his private life aren’t going so smoothly. We have already known that he and his estranged wife have been separated for a while now. He has been dating WWE’s own JoJo, which is a good indicator that he has moved on.

According to one report for the Daily Mail, Wyatt’s wife Samantha Rotunda claims that he has been spending money on some silly things and that he hasn’t been paying spousal and child support. Some of the items that he has purchased are some miniature horses, jewelry, spent money at clubs, Miami bar, and women’s swimwear. We are talking about large chunks of money.

This piece on the Daily Mail has noted that Windham Rotunda, which is Bray’s real name, has been ordered by a court judgment to pay 14,735 dollars per month but has only been sending less than a half of that. That is something that his wife doesn’t like and that she is going to call him out for.