Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks – Wild Card Weekend Picks And Predictions

Detriot Lions were sitting at 9-4 after Week 14 ended. Even though they had nine wins at that point, everybody kinda knew that they are not as good as their record shows. Soon enough, after three straight losses to close out the season, those people were proven right. Lions are the type a team that is actually in the middle of the pack, but performed good in close duels and ended up with a better record than they actually should have.

Seahawks had an up and down year. They had no real challenger in the NFC West, so that is probably why this team really didn’t play with the sense of urgency. Every match is important in the NFL, but it seemed that their losses just don’t matter as no squad was going to take advantage of their bad performances.

Seahawks offensive line is their biggest problem. They are struggling to block and protect their quarterback. If their offensive line shows up in the postseason and their running game becomes one of the best rushing attacks that NFL has to offer as it was in the past seasons, this team could make some noise again.

Lions are leaning on Matthew Stafford. When he is at his best, the team plays well. He is going to need to have a great day on Saturday in order for this crew to be competitive at Century Link Filed. That easier said than done as the Seahawks still have one of the best defenses in the league. That 12th man advantage that the Seahawks have when they are playing at home is still a big deal.

Russell Wilson has never lost a Playoff game at home. We think that he won’t drop this one either. The Seahawks are going to win this duel, and we are afraid that it could get ugly. The Lions are just no match for Seattle right now. That’s why we are going to pick the Seattle Seahawks to come up on top with 31:16 result.