Ranking All 6 NFC 2016 Playoff Teams


It took 17 weeks to find out all six teams that are going to play in the NFC Playoffs, but the bracket is now finally set. Let’s take a look at who are the best and the worst postseason squads in the NFC.

6. Detriot LionsMatthew Stafford and company are pretty much the worst crew entering the 2016 NFL Playoffs. They have lost three straight duels going into next week’s matchup against the Seahawks. It’s tough for us to imagine them upsetting ‘Hawks in Seattle.


5. New York Giants – This might be surprising, but we have to put the Giants at the five spot. This offense just looks broken right now, and Eli Manning is not doing a thing to help them improve. Yes, he is good in the Playoffs, but it’s hard to believe this Giants offense.


4. Atlanta Falcons – They will have a bye week in the Wild Card Weekend, and they will be hosting a Divisional Round game. Still, this crew probably won’t be favored to win that match whoever they face. No matter what happens, they have come this far because they are good and can be dangerous in the postseason.


3. Green Bay Packers – It was a tough call, but we have to put the Packers at three. They are the winners of six straight duels and are going into the Playoffs on fire. The offense is back in Green Bay, and they will be favored to beat the Giants in NFC Wild Card Weekend game.


2. Seattle Seahawks – We still trust this defense and this Seahawks’ culture that they implemented in the past couple of seasons. Russell Wilson is a gamer, this defense is still one of the best in the NFL, and we think Seattle has a decent shot of getting to the Super Bowl.


1. Dallas Cowboys – Still, the best team in the NFC, the Dallas Cowboys. Road to the Super Bowl in this conference will have to go through Dallas. This offensive line and the offense are shielding the defense. It’s just what the Cowboys do and need to continue if they want to be successful.