5 Tips For Developing Your Musicality in Dancing – 2024 Guide


I think that a lot of experienced dancers would say that dancing is pretty easy. All you need to do is just learned the right steps, do a bit of practice and suddenly, you know how to dance. If you want to do it freestyle, it is even easier. There are no steps you need to follow, you just move with the music. But, if you want to become an expert dancing and if this is your true passion, you have to develop a certain level of musicality.

However, that is probably the most difficult part of dancing. Only a small amount of people are born with a talent to have some kind of musicality. These people have an easier time moving in synchronization with music.


Others, who do not have this kind of talent have a very difficult time developing musicality. No matter how many hours, days, months, or years they spend practicing, they can never seem to improve in that direction.

However, that usually happens because they do not know the right tips and tricks when it comes to dancing. Being talented for this kind of activity definitely provides an advantage, but even those without any talent can improve further.

If you feel like you cannot progress your musicality further, here are some tips in this guide that might actually help you.

Understand why it is important

One of the first things you have to do is simply to understand why musicality is so important for any kind of dancing. Like I mentioned previously, it is not essential, but if you want to be an expert dancer, you must develop it.

Most people understand that as a person’s ability or understanding to imitate the movements of the body with the notes or sounds of a song. This is something that is very noticeable to the audience.

However, developing your musicality for your dance is not just about being more synchronized with songs, it also helps you be more creative. It can help you discover which movements you need to do for certain notes and sounds.

By being innovative, you can create your own unique style and you even be able to freestyle on a song that you are not familiar with.

In other words, instead of mechanically forcing your steps and the movement of your arms, everything will come naturally to you. But, to reach that level, you will have to invest a lot of time and you will need to be very dedicated.

Experiments with different types of music


Once you have a good understanding of musicality, your next step should be to start experimenting with your body and practicing even more than you usually do. Practice makes perfect.

However, you should also consider experimenting with something new. With new music, new sounds, and something that you are completely unfamiliar with. Being stuck with just one type of genre will hinder your progress as a dancer.

Learning how to handle different genres might invoke your ability to develop your musicality even further.

So, if you usually like Samba, Sambo, Zamba, or whichever music genre you like, maybe it is time you try something different like hip-hop or modern synthpop. You can even try experimenting with Bachata because it is getting quite popular these days as suggested by bachatabythebay.com.


Only then, you might start noticing a difference in your style and your understanding of dance.

Start listening to other genres

In my previous tip, I wanted to make a point on how important it is to try your dancing with other types of music. Being stuck to just one genre will hinder your improvement. But, it is not just about implementing this new music in your dancing, it is also about understanding the sounds.

However, if you truly want to understand those new sounds, you will have to invest yourself mentally instead of physically. You need to sit down, relax, and start listening. After hundreds of hours of new music, you might finally start to understand how to follow certain sounds with your body.

Consider what others like to see in hear


Whenever you go dancing, whenever you want to improve and become better at what you love doing, you do that all for yourself. Which is obviously how you should handle this kind of a poppy or passion. You do everything for yourself.

Nevertheless, if you want to improve, you have to consider what others want to see and hear. This is simply what a good dancer needs to do. While you are out there on the stage, your purpose is to entertain. If you are not willing to make changes for your audiences, how will you ever become better?

Even when you are at home, dancing all by yourself, imagine that there are people watching you and consider what they are currently thinking about your performance. If you want those people to have positive thoughts about your performance, you will need to implement moves and music that they will appreciate.

That is why it is crucial to start researching current music trends and types of dancing which you can implement into your performances. Your willingness to change your style for others shows that you have finally understood what musicality really means.

Try playing an instrument


This might not seem like the most practical answer to your question, but if nothing else works, it does not hurt to try. You probably have a close friend or family member that owns or plays some type of instrument, right?

Why not borrow it and experiment with it for a few days? Try to stay with the beat of your favorite songs. Staying on the beat is actually harder than you think. The more you practice, the longer you will be able to stay on beat.

Believe it or not, but this ability to understand the beat of a song can ultimately help you develop your musicality.

There are probably several other ways you could develop your musicality and dancing, but I believe these tips I mentioned in this guide will help you the most.