Dez Bryant Is Not Worth What Cowboys Are Paying Him


Dez Bryant’s salary is so large that he is in one of the top spots in NFL at his position. The company that Bryant has in wide receiver circles includes Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, and A.J. Green. These players all earn similar amounts of money; the problem is that Dez is not performing close to his counterparts from other teams.

Considering his salary, there are things Bryant shouldn’t do, but, which he did during the 2017 season. These things include lost fumbles that were returned for TD’s; tipping the ball over his head for an easy interception; emotional outbursts on the sideline because of lack of targets; having a below 900 yards season despite being teams No1 receiver in all 16 games.

So, the Cowboys are giving Dez Bryant a Julio Jones-like salary, expecting him to perform as a leagues best WR, which he fails to do. Despite having such a massive wage, his performances are sub-par to say at least. He has fewer catches than Jack Doyle, fewer yards than Marquise Goodwin, and fewer TDs than Will Fuller.


To make the situation even worse, Bryant has been like this last two seasons. He’s obviously on decline and Cowboys should seriously consider moving on from him. His immense salary could be used in signing new players or resigning those that are on the roster but are unlike Bryant deserving of Cowboys contract. Releasing him now will save Dallas $8 million this year and total of $25 million through 2018-2019.

The reason why America’s Team should do this is that the market has more replacements to offer. Davante Adams or Jarvis Landry might be too expensive but what about Allan Robinson, Terrelle Pryor, or Sammy Watkins.


Cowboys could also trade their way to the new wide receiver. Martavis Bryant will be a restricted free agent this summer, and he has small salary considering that he is still on his rookie contract. Money which would be saved by replacing one Bryant with another could be used in resigning DeMarcus Lawrence and Zack Martin.

Last year Cowboys have used the draft to rebuild their secondary. This year they could do the same for their receiving corps.

All of the options that we have listed above have more sense than keeping Bryant. His attitude just isn’t right, and his performances are even worse. Dez believes that he is number one receiver and that he should be treated as one. In reality, this guy is playing as number two and should be treated, and most of all paid like one. Considering that a few weeks back he said that pay-cut is not an option, Bryant definitely shouldn’t be part of Dallas Cowboys in upcoming years.