Dez Bryant Takes A Big Shot At Josh Norman


It really doesn’t look like Josh Norman will make any friends in the NFC East, especially not any friends in that division that are playing as wideouts. After having some well-documented issues with Odell Beckham Jr, he and Dez Bryant went at each other yesterday in their Thanksgiving matchup.

They were seen exchanging words during the game, and they even had a post-game altercation. It wasn’t as big as it was with Norman and Odell, but it happened. Dez tried to downplay his dispute with the Norman during his post game interview. Here is what Bryant had to say about Redskins CB:

“I won’t say emotional on my end, I’m going to say emotional on his end,” Dallas Cowboys‘ wideout stated. “I was perfectly fine. I was just wearing his a*s out the whole night. That’s what I was doing, and I enjoyed it. Washington needs to get their money back.”


Panthers removed the franchise tag that they had initially put on him. Redskins took the chance and offered him that 5-year deal worth 75 million dollars that Dez Bryant is talking about.

His post-game comments suggest that Norman was the one that was trying to initiate the conversation between the two, while Bryant was the one that was just trying to play the game and win. And yes, in the process of saying that, he added that Redskins overpaid for Josh Norman. A lot.

Will Norman respond to this or not, it remains to be seen. No matter how this ends, it would be much better for Josh to show his skills in a game against Bryant and other top wideouts in the league than just to provoke.