Ezekiel Elliot Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down Against Washington


We are twelve weeks into the season, and Ezekiel Elliot still is not showing any signs of slowing down and hitting that rookie wall. First-year players usually have that problem, but not Zeke. He is still playing at this incredibly high level and getting the job done. Cowboys’ are relying on him and feeding him the ball while he hasn’t disappointed them so far.

Cowboys’ led almost the entire game, so Elliot was used a lot in the running game.

He was productive yet again against the Redskins as he got 20 carries and ran the ball for 97 yards. Elliot was also active in the passing game just like he always is. Rookie running back also chipped in with 23 yards through the air in Cowboys’ Thanksgiving win.

He is still a threat in both running and passing game. Dak Prescott has been great so far, but running the ball is what Dallas wants to do first and foremost. Running game is their strong suit, and that is why Elliot is an MVP candidate. He is having a great season, helping this team win ten games in a row. Now, Dallas has the best record in the NFL while being on its way to having a home-field advantage in the Playoffs.


Ezekiel Elliot will get the chance to shine next Thursday. He will look to continue his remarkable rookie campaign against the Minnesota Vikings next week, in prime time, during the Thursday Night Football.

Currently, he is the leader of the league in rush yards and one of the guys with most TD runs. It would be amazing to have another rookie MVP, this only tells you how good this guy is.