Dak Prescott Vs Tony Romo – Pool, Give Your Vote

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Another game and another win for Dallas Cowboys. Again we saw great Dak Prescott leading this crew in a tough match against Washington Redskins that were even close to winning on few occasions and could have taken it, but few mistakes cost them dearly.

For many rounds, we were wondering what will happen when Tony Romo recovers from his injury, and he is cleared to play. Will Jerry Jones insist on him getting back to the field or will Dak Prescott continue with his fantastic performances? Rookie quarterback had a lot on his shoulders but he has done everything in his power to prove to the owner, coach, and fans that he is the worthy successor and currently the best choice for this team.

Dak Prescott vs. Tony Romo topic was much debated but finally in the last few games rookie cemented his starting position and also received support from veteran QB. To be honest, it’s not all about Dak when it comes to Cowboys as he has some fantastic players around him and one of those is the running back Ezekiel Elliott that showed he is one of the crucial players for the team on many occasions. But, this article is not about him it’s about two quarterbacks.

Let’s take a look at the stats:

First, Dak Prescott. During this year, and this is his first year, he managed to complete 67.9 % of his passes for a total gain of 2,835 yards. Total 340 attempts and 231 completed throws with an average of 8.34 yards and 18 touchdowns. On top of that, he had 41 rushes for 180 yards with an average of 4.4 yards per run scoring five times. He achieved all this with only two interceptions on his account which is very impressive and allowed a team from Dallas to reach 10-1 score.

image source: insidethestar.com
image source: insidethestar.com

We know that Tony Romo was injured and he played only four games of the previous season, so we will not count those in. We will take a look the year before that where he managed to reach the highest rating in his career. During 2014 he played 15 games and won 3,705 yards with the complete percentage of 69.9 % as he managed to find his target 304 times out of 435 tries. Romo averaged 8.52 yards per throw, had 34 TD passes and 9 interceptions leading his team to 12-4 score at the end of the season. He also added 26 rush attempts that resulted in 61 conquered yards.

No doubt that just by looking stats we can notice that these two are a different type of players and that is even more obvious when we are watching matches they played. We will not talk if Dak now has better weapons or Romo had a better choice during 2014.

Question stays.

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