Why Dez Bryant Has Been Underachieving?


Three years ago, back in 2014, everybody considered Dez Bryant to be one of the top NFL wide receivers. Today, three years later, when we are talking about the best wideouts in the game, there are a lot of names that come up much faster than the name of the Cowboys’ wideout. Guys like Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr, Antonio Brown, and AJ Green are just some of the players that we are talking about.

There has been a lot of noise made when Dez Bryant was just about to sign his new deal. This guy even said that he is not going to play before an agreement gets reached. Well, he won that battle, and the Dallas Cowboys decided to pay him the money that he did earn on the field. Ever since then, he hasn’t really done much to prove that the move of Dallas Cowboys management was the right one and to support their decision to give him the money that they did.


Grant it, it is not because he failed to show up in a season. It is because he just can’t stay healthy. He still didn’t have a full season of playing football since he got the new contract. Dez has shown flashes of his old self in the latter part of the past campaign, but that still isn’t enough to justify the decision that Dallas made by investing in him

Right now, he is their most expensive player, and he needs to start producing on the field. By the size of his contract alone, he has been underachieving for this Dallas Cowboys team and hopefully, we will see a lot more from him in the near future.