The Secret to The Rock’s Young Looking Face


If we would create a list of fitness heroes, there is no doubt that Dwayne The Rock Johnson would be on it. This year he was even given a title of the hottest man alive. We can agree that his rock solid constitution is what the majority of people talk about when it comes to this famous wrestler turned actor.

The truth is most of the men would die to have a body like his, but we just recently paid attention to how young his face looks. And surprisingly, the man is 45 years old!

One of the users on Twitter was thinking the same thing. Having shared Johnson’s photo where he was 16 years old and where he actually looks older than now, she asked the question that some guy would probably be too ashamed to ask: “Will you please share your skin-care routine?”

Luckily for us, Johnson happily indulged her: “Ha yes ma’am. Neutrogena deep cream face wash, Lancer or LaMere creams and tequila often. Not on your face, but drinking it;).”

Honestly, we have to give him credit for this one. The cleanser he chose is not only simple, but also cheap. Healthier and younger looking skin begins with a fresh face and Johnson’s pick is Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cream Cleanser (which, by the way, costs only $5). It contains beta hydroxy acid that cleans your pores deeply and gets rid of dead skin cells.

As for his creams, there is a major jump in terms of price. La Mer and Lancer cost a little (fine, a lot) more. But the quality justifies the price. La Mer’s Moisturizing Soft Cream costs $85, and it is made with microscopic moisturizing spheres, which help to repair dry, wrinkled and dull skin.

In case your skin is sensitive, use Lancer’s The Method: Nourish Sensitive Skin cream. It does cost $125, but it contains no sulfates or parabens whatsoever, and it is made of nourishing ingredients, such as olive oil and avocado, which hydrate your skin.

We suppose that Johnson may have left out some products. In order for your skin to look young for longer, you need to use an eye cream and a sunscreen. And as for the tequila? Cheers to that!