The Identity of the Woman Who Fell Off the Cliff Revealed (VIDEO)

In case some of you have forgotten, a certain video circulated online last summer. Namely, it was the video of a woman falling off a cliff, which disturbed millions of people due to its content. Moreover, no one knew who she was and whether she survived the fall. Until now. It has finally been revealed who the woman is.

One cannot but remember the video after the first time they saw it. Its beginning doesn’t give away any impression that anything unusual might happen – it starts off with a dazzling blue ocean and a few bathers jumping off the cliff. Then a woman takes a common diving pose, but hesitates at the last minute, slips and tries to grab at a man’s foot in order to prevent herself from falling. Nonetheless, he pulls his leg away, and she falls.

The man behind the video, Alexander Tikhomirov, revealed for UNILAD that the woman in the video is actually his ex-wife, who is a Russian model – Mary Shum. As far as the man whose leg she tried to catch is concerned, he is Instagram famous Moscow-based filmmaker Jay Alvarrez.

Just seeing her plummeting down the cliff and not knowing what happens is painful, but Tikhomirov said that the experience was not that agonizing for her at all. He said that Mary had first fallen on a rock three meters down and that she hadn’t broken anything, but rather hurt her back and feet pretty much.

They went to the hospital after the fall, and she couldn’t walk for a few days, but it all finished in a good way. Namely, Alvarez’s decision to pull his foot away was met with outrage the moment video came out. But Tikhomirov said he didn’t blame him because it all happened in a split second.

Furthermore, Shum and Tikhomirov split up two months ago, and they have one child together. They are still into modeling, filmmaking and travel blogging.