Dez Bryant Wants Revis In Dallas?

Most of the big name free agents have already signed with their new teams, but there are still some players that are available even though the season is almost here. Preseason games start in August, so we are getting close to another year of good, old NFL action. Teams are trying to lay down the foundation for their seasons. A part of that is picking up guys that are still left on the market.

Just a couple of days ago, Bills’ running back LeSean McCoy has used Twitter to try and lure free agent wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to the Buffalo Bills. Most recently, Dez Bryant, a wideout for the Dallas Cowboys has used the same platform in order to try and convince one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL history that Dallas is the place to be. It is, of course, Darrelle Revis.

It looks like Revis’ best days are behind him as he struggled with the Jets last year. That whole team was a disaster in 2016 and Revis was one of the reasons why it was like that as he wasn’t able to dominate the game the way he used to. It seems that his quick feet are no longer there.

The career of this guy might not be over as he can bounce back or he might move to the safety position. Whatever it is, the Dallas Cowboys can use as much help as they can get in their secondary. As of right now, their two starters at the CB position are going to be rookies, with the safeties not much more experienced than them. It seems that Dallas could be a landing spot for the 2014 Super Bowl champion. We will have to wait and see whether or not the two sides can agree on a deal that would bring Darrelle to the Big D.