Did WWE Superstars Hate Braun Strowman Because Of His Push?

Source: bleacherreport.com

Braun Strowman has been one of the best things on Monday Night Raw in 2016. It has been amazing what WWE has done with him and how they built him up as a huge star. That is something that the company has failed to do with most of their guys that came up from the NXT.

Braun Strowman has that look of a monster, and he needed to be pushed like one. When somebody is put into a great situation because of their look, it can affect the rest of the roster. There can be some animosity since there are a lot of people in the WWE who worked just as hard as Braun but never got a real opportunity, let alone the main event push like Strowman had.

A Monster Among Men talked about how the locker room felt about him being pushed to the top, and he has seen that there has been some animosity. But, Braun also stated that he is a competitor just like everyone else and that he has worked his tail off when he was in the Strongman business. When WWE brought him to Performance Center, he made it there, when he got to NXT, he worked even harder.

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Now, he is one of the biggest stars out of all the active performers. Here is his take on how the locker room felt about him.

“Yeah, there was a little bit of animosity, I could tell. But, you know, this is a great place. It’s a great company to work for. And I won everyone over because of how hard I worked, putting my body on the line and doing everything I can to get better – listening, watching other matches, watching the whole entire show.”

Since debuting in the Wyatt family, Strowman has changed his look for the better and improved a lot in the ring. He deserves a shot that he has been given.