Top 16 Digital Marketing Tools for Businesses in 2024

Digital marketing has become a very important part of every business strategy, and the main advantage of digital marketing tools is that you can create a marketing strategy that is much more efficient and affordable than standard traditional marketing options. Also, most modern businesses are operating through online platforms, which makes digital marketing crucial for proper promotion.

Also, if you are interested in marketing tools for popular affiliate verticals like day trading, you should check this site, where you can find various marketing materials such as HTML 5 Banners, Landing Pages, Logos, and many more. Furthermore, here are the top digital marketing tools that you should use for your business in 2024.

1. ProProfs Survey Maker

This marketing tool is based on SaaS, and you can use it as help for creating various types of surveys and be able to gather all sorts of reports and feedbacks from customers and workers in your company. There is a wide range of possibilities and you can create surveys with more than a million already prepared questions, and a few hundred surveys with a lot of ways to customize them. Moreover, you can create a sidebar and in-app question polls, popups, quizzes, and many more.

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2. Hotjar

With this tool, you can create an analysis of people who are visiting your website by providing them with various questionnaires, polls, and surveys. The Hotjar is an excellent tool when you want to determine what is your targeted audience and their needs. Also, this tool is using analytics similar to one that we can find on Google.

3. Canva

If you are more interested in creating visual marketing on your website, Canva is capable of creating various visual content such as graphics, texts, images, and background stiles. Also, you can use stock pictures or make new images as well. Moreover, this tool is very simple, and you can connect your social media accounts and share pictures with a manageable interface.

4. ThriveCart

We know how complicated it can sometimes be to install a cart option on your website, which makes ThriveCart as a very important tool that allows you to add a shopping cart and payment option on your websites within a few clicks.

5. Traackr

One of the most popular marketing strategies among many businesses today is to hire influencers to promote their brands. Traackr is a tool where you can find people who work as an influencer and check their social media accounts. Also, there is a filter that you can use to find influencers who might be the best options for your business and products that your brand is offering.

6. SEMrush

One of the most important analyses for the popularity of some site is where does it show in organic and advertising research. With SEMrush, you can easily gather various data about the analytics of your website and how does it perform in search engines.

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics represents one of the basic tools that every digital marketing consultant should use for getting precise data about a specific website and its popularity. You can use this tool to get various information about sales, visitors, downloads, and many other data related to your online store or website.

8. Todoist


If you are looking for marketing tools that can help you with the design of your website, Todoist is an excellent tool that can change colors and create entertaining projects. Also, it has a simplified interface that anyone can learn to use without any problem.

9. EngageBay

If you need a tool where you can control various parts of your websites, such as customer support, online store, and promotion, you should use EngageBay. You can create automation for promotions with emails, chatbots for customer support, sales statistics, and many more.

10. Brand24

If you need a marketing tool that can help you to track the popularity of your business and brand by using the keywords, you should choose Brand24. On the other hand, you can search for your competition, and see how their marketing strategies are performing. This tool can filter out results from blogs, websites, social media, and much more.

11. pCloud

The cloud services became very important because there is a need for storing a great amount of data in a safe place, and clouds represent the best way for that. The pCloud is an online platform where you can safely store all of your important and sensitive data, various projects, and many more.

12. Whatagraph

We all know how statistics and various analytics are important when creating a proper marketing strategy. Whatagraph is a marketing tool that will help you to create charts and reports that are necessary for every business strategy. There are more than 40 different digital tools inside Whatagraph that you can use as a valuable source of data and infographics.

13. Latana

This tool is very important for determining the popularity and strength of your brand on the market. Also, you can collect information about your audience and find out how to develop and evolve your marketing strategy. Latana is especially effective for young and growing companies.

14. Finteza

Finteza is another effective tool that you can use for collecting various reports about sales and finding the ways of more effective promotions and increased sales. The basic use of this tool is to provide you with a specific report of your customers and visitors. Also, using this tool can save you a lot of money on advertising through social media and Google.

15. OptinMonster

If you need a tool that you can combine with your WordPress website and build a list of emails, then you should choose OptinMaster. E-mail marketing is a very effective type of promotion for a long time, and this tool will provide you to create a list of subscribers and the best possible form of the promotional email.

16. AgoraPulse

It is necessary to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media as a way of effective promotion. AgoraPulse can help you to easily control the content over all of your social media accounts. Also, you can share content, get reports about the activities, and create questionnaires for the followers.