Dinosaur Walking In the Mall?

source: youtube.com

Lately there have been a lot of videos on social media where we can see dinosaurs walking in shopping malls, and they’ve got pretty popular in a short time. What’s the deal with all of this? Well, when it comes to entertainment and shenanigans, there isn’t really a better way to surprise people than by making them realize a giant and realistic velociraptor is walking right past them, and seeing their face in a situation like this is a must.

Whether it is that you’re doing this to prank someone or just to have a few hours of Funtime, it doesn’t really matter, we’re here to educate you on how to do it.

Why a dinosaur?

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Well, a dinosaur is something that’s pretty extraordinary, and it is guaranteed when a person sees something like this that they’ll be very surprised. If you decide to dress up like something else, for example, a vampire or anything similar, you might scare a few people off, leading to potential trouble, while a dinosaur might also scare them just a little bit but it will still end up being funny at the end. Long story short, the dinosaur version will be quite less serious while also allowing you to have a great time.

Where can I get a costume?

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Dressing up as a dinosaur is something that can be done in two ways. You can make your own homemade dinosaur costume and use that one for your shenanigans, or you can purchase a high-quality realistic costume in the form of your favorite dinosaur kind and go on your “hunt”.

The second option is much more recommendable, simply because it will increase the chance of your prank being successful, making the overall experience more enjoyable. Feel free to visit dinosaurjoy.com if you are eager to see a few very interesting ideas.

Why is it important that the costume is realistic?

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I mean, nobody is actually going to believe that there is a real dinosaur walking in a shopping mall, but during the first few seconds of “shock”, the human brain is a bit complicated and can’t think of something like this before you come to your senses and realize that it’s just a prank. However, the “wow” effect will be much higher if in the first few seconds the person sees something that truly looks like a real dinosaur.

Can I get in trouble for this?

source: houstondinosaurs.com

As long as you don’t do anything way too crazy, you can’t. Simply walking in a shopping mall dressed as a real dinosaur is pretty fun, and it will be fun to other people who see you as well. Just make sure not to scare a lot of kids or the elderly, and you’ll be absolutely good to go.

Just like we mentioned earlier, as long as it’s not a scary costume such as a villain from a horror movie or something else that can really make a people hyperventilate, you shouldn’t be getting in any trouble. Besides, a lot of people have already tried this so it is pretty much safe to say that it’s a tested method.