(VIDEO) A cat swallowed by a python


“POOR MY BOBO” The owner of the cat came home and saw that her pet was gone, after which she saw a FAT PYTHON in the kitchen.

An incredible footage of an animal rescue operation was released by the Thai media, which shows a huge python that throws out of its stomach an instantly swallowed meal – a domestic cat.

The giant snake swallowed Saowarak Charoen’s cat after sneaking into a private house in Thailand on Wednesday morning. The snake then settled under the sink to digest her meal, a cat weighing about three kilograms.


Two police officers, three animal rescue workers, and a reporter arrived shortly and pulled out a snake whose belly was visibly inflated. People then started to spin the snake in order to force her to spit a cat out. A few moments later, the rear legs of the pet began to appear from the python.

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The sad owner of the cat, who has two more cats, said she would bury Bob in the garden.

– “I went to the kitchen and saw that the closet under the sink was open. I saw a tail and thought that the snake was small, so I ran out and called the police,” said Saowarak Charoen, the owner of the cat.

However, when the police arrived, it turned out to be a giant python of over five meters.

“I’m upset every time I think about Bob and how he died,” Saowarak said.

Animals rescuers measured the snake and returned it back to nature.