DJ Akademiks Net Worth 2018/2019 – Popular Youtuber


Livingston Allen, popularly known as DJ Akademiks and as “The Negrotiator,” is a popular Jamaican entertainer, commentator, and YouTuber. He was born on May, 17 in 1991 in Jamaica, but it was not long after that that his whole family migrated to the United States (2001). More precisely, they moved to New Jersey.


According to some sources, Livingston Allen was a shy boy who found it hard to adapt to the new surroundings and to meet new friends. Even though he had troubles socializing, he still showed great ambition even then, when he was just a child. And those ambitions never ceased – first, he graduated from the Rutgers University, New Jersey, then he also got a master’s degree in Math Finance, and finally, he started working on the university’s radio station as a DJ and eventually became the popular DJ Akademiks.

For some time, when he played music at clubs and parties, people called him the Night Creep. Today, people know him primarily as a popular YouTuber that he became after he had made his channel which focused on entertainment gist and gossips. After his channel went viral, he came to over 12 million subscribers and about 644 million views, and his Twitter account now has around 899k followers. Some of his most popular videos include “The Negrotiator,” “LateNightCreepVids,” “The War in Chiraq,” and “King Akademiks.”

As for his love life, for some time, people even speculated that DJ Akademiks was gay, but then he revealed that he had a girlfriend, Angelica Gxg who appeared in several of his many YouTube videos. Even though we’re sure his girlfriend inspires him in a way, too, he still says that his biggest motivation and inspiration as far as work is concerned come from Charlamagne da God.

DJ Akademiks’ net worth in 2018 was estimated at around $460,000.