Matt Carriker Net Worth 2019 – Veterinary Doctor and Youtube Star

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Who is Matt Carriker? Well, he is a very successful veterinary doctor as well as a youtube star. He is a big fan of animals which is why he chose that career and dedicated his life and soul to it. If you would like to learn more about Matt Carriker and see what his net worth is in 2019 keep reading the text below!

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Personal Life

He was born in the state of Texas in Boerne, USA. His birthday is October 21 and the year he was born in is 1986. Him choosing this career was not a coincidence because his father Dr. Lee was also a veterinary doctor and he owned a private veterinary clinic. He spent his childhood and went to school in his hometown, Boerne. He graduated from Boerne High School in 2004. After that, he decided to move to Texas and attend the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and got a degree in Biomedicals in the year 2008. Four years later, in 2012 he got a Doctors degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM).

As of today, his profession is being a veterinary doctor, but he is much more well-known for the videos he posts on youtube. He is in charge of three separate YouTube channels – “Vet Ranch”, “Demolition Ranch” and “OffTheRanch”. He lives in the same house as his younger sister, Ali, who is also going to school to become a veterinary doctor. She shows him a lot of support in his work.
Matt is married to a woman called Meredith Atkinson and they have three kids together – Adylin, Annie and Lincoln.

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Career and Achievements

After he got his doctors degree in veterinary medicine is when his career really began. In the year 2014 is when he started his first YouTube channel – “Vet Ranch”. As of today, he has more than 2 million people subscribed to him on that channel alone. The channel deals with all the lives of the animals that he saves in his clinic. People are big fans of animals and these videos get a lot of views. As Matt has said before, most of the animals that are featured in the videos are from SAPA – San Antonio Pets Alive.
His second channel, “OffTheRanch” is his family channel and here he shows his family life. The last one is “Demolition Ranch” and this one is his most popular one. It deals with guns, more specifically they analyze them. He often has Peter Czerwinski as a guest in those videos.

He is most certainly an Internet sensation, that helps a lot of animals and while doing that entertains people at the same time. So far he has rescued around 300 animals that were injured, left homeless or neglected After he takes care of them those animals usually get new homes. In the year 2017, he bought the Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary Clinic that was previously owned by his father and has continued the family business. His career and love for animals have even gotten him a role in the movie “Strain 100” and after that, he has received more offers from TV companies. So far he hasn’t accepted any of them.

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Net Worth of Matt Carriker

As of today, the Net Worth of Matt Carriker is estimated to $2.5 million. He has mostly earned his money from the videos that he posts on his three channels on YouTube. It is very impressive that he managed to turn his dream career into a great fortune. This has given him a chance to live a great life and provide for his family too. But his passion for helping animals still comes first.

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