Djokovic will change his jersey for 30 million euros next year!

Apparently one of the world’s leading sports equipment manufacturer has offered Serbian ace the richest contract among tennis players, around 50% larger amount than those that are receiving Nadal and Federer.

Sometime in summer next year everybody will have a chance to see a completely new Novak Djokovic! If you are wondering how come, well for starters he will be wearing a new jersey that will get him almost 30 million euros in two years. The eye-popping sum is apparently offered by Nike, which everybody knows as one of the leaders in the market. The only condition, according to Spanish media writing, is that Novak has to sign a two-year contract.

To those of you who do not know, Novak’s contract with Japanese company Uniqlo, whose equipment he wore for the past four and a half years, is expiring after the Masters in Rome in may 2017. It is almost certain that Novak will not extend the contract with Japanese brand, and that is why now we have a situation where all the world’s greatest sports equipment manufacturers are breaking their legs to get Novak to sing with them. According to what Spanish Marketing Deportivo is writing, the negotiations are in progress and as for now, the most chances to attract Novak holds Nike, which by the way equips Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal as well.

Nike, which is an American company, has a simple goal here and that is to become one of the most dominating companies in this sport, and that plan will become complete exactly by securing a contract with the Serbian ace. Just as a reminder, Novak, before Uniqlo equipment wore Sergio Tacchini, and before that Adidas, although he didn’t have a contract with them because he was at the beginning of his career. And to add another reminder upon this, just for comparison purposes, Novak’s contract with Japanese company Uniqlo brought him 8 million euros a year. That is just how much he has moved up in the world of tennis. Congrats Nole!

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