Dodge Durango Shaker Presented at SEMA Show

Dodge Durango Shaker appeared in front of the public for the first time yesterday, at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The Durango is definitely one of those three-row SUVs that have a sporty look. However, the FCA decided to upgrade this model so they came up with the Shaker concept car.

Under the hood of the Durango Shaker, you can find a 6.4-liter HEMI V8 engine that produces 475 hp. This car is equipped with the Shaker hood borrowed from the Challenger coupe. Furthermore, what is specific about this vehicle is that it comes with 22-inch satin black wheels. In addition to that, this model was dropped three inches on a custom suspension.

This vehicle contains center exhaust pipes, rear spoiler and SRT-specific brakes. What is also original is brand-new grille design for better ventilation, a fuel filler door from a Challenger and satin black side sills. This car was presented in a B5 Blue color, which really made this car attractive.

The Durango kept the three-row seating arrangement, but with one significant change. All the seats come from an outstanding Dodge Viper. Don’t keep your hopes high because the Durango Shaker will not reach the production line in the near future. However, it is possible that we will see a Durango SRT model soon.

Stay tuned for more details.