New Toyota Yaris Hatchback Is Undergoing Some Tests

The next-generation Toyota Yaris is undergoing some tests and it is ready to compete against Micra, Polo and Fiesta. Although a new version of the company’s Yaris supermini has been planned, the standard version is the one seen on the road. So far, we don’t have much information about the new model, but based on the photos, it will remain the same as the current version.

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Speaking of the interior, we are definitely going to see some enhancements. The brand-new C-HR crossover will hit the market at the end of this year, and this model may serve as an inspiration to the cabin of the new Yaris. It is possible that the car will be equipped with the company’s Touch 2 infotainment system, which is usually found on upper trims.


Under the hood, we will probably have a naturally-aspirated petrol engine with a small capacity. Moreover, because of the 1.0-liter turbo unit in the Honda Jazz, the use of turbocharging with an engine may be demonstrated by Toyota. Also, there is a chance that the next-gen model will be equipped with the 1.2T from the Auris family hatchback. Taking Toyota’s history into account, the hybrid version is likely to follow sometime in the future.

Another challenge for the Yaris is trunk capacity, considering that its biggest rival, Honda Jazz comes with 354 liters of space in the trunk. The new Yaris is expected to be without its camouflage near the end of this year, which will enable us to talk about the exterior.