Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s version of Jumanji has flamethrower scene!


Since the very moment Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart were introduced as the new stars for the 1995 spin off of the Jumanji classic, we knew from that instance that it would not be the Jumanji that we grew up with and which made Robin Williams famous. No, this one will, by all means, going to be that much different because these are new ages with new technologies and equipment. So why not make use of that and introduce something like a flamethrower in the movie? Why not?! The Rock is in it, why wouldn’t he wield a flamethrower while riding a dirt bike?

We stumbled on this video of Dwayne holding a flamethrower, and he captioned it like this – “Our bad ass Jumanji FX team custom built my flamethrower so it attaches to my arm for tonight’s big action sequences”. He continued with “I steer my motorcycle with one hand and become the King of Fire with the other. Already singed the hair off my arm, so we’re off to a great start. Gonna be a fun night”. If the new Jumanji turns to be at least half as fun as everybody on the set is having, then it will most likely be a smash hit. But if you are wondering how flame-throwing king Dwayne fits into the old Jumanji story well we must inform you that the crew isn’t actually retelling the old story. According to The Rock “We are NOT making a reboot” and he added, “But rather a continuation of the awesome Jumanji story!”.

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This is OK in our book, and we do not hold any grudges. With this kind of serious cast that will be featured in the latest Jumanji as well as already checked out comedy duo that is Rock/Hart the movie can host a tank if there is a necessity for it. Now that we mentioned need, is there anyone else thinking that there could be something, even tougher than usual Jumanji wildlife since the flamethrower is in the story?!

Well, we will all have to wait for July 28th, 2017 until this movie comes out, and keep ourselves busy with the continuous hodgepodge that is going on behind the scenes.

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