Becker and Vajda to get back with Djokovic in London

There aren’t many tournaments to play until the end of this tennis season, and one of the most important is the Masters in London. Unlike on the Paris Masters Djokovic will be accompanied wit his two main coaches Boris Becker and Marian Vajda, at least that is what latest info is saying.

Them not being part of Djokovic’s coaching staff In Paris was a surprising decision and attracted much media attention. Some even went as far to claim that those two won’t be part of Djokovic’s staff in the upcoming season. In recent months Novak wasn’t on top of his game, so it resulted in Andy Murray’s rise on the ATP. He is now close behind Serb and is aiming at his number one spot in world’s tennis.

We all saw Djokovic’s drastic drop in form, and this could be attributed to many factors. Novak obviously thinks that problem is his lack of calmness and concentration, so he brought another member to his staff. This was also the main reason why the talks about a breakup between Becker, Vajda, and Djokovic is happening. The new member of his team is Pepe Imaz who is a spiritual guru and is there to help Djokovic with psychological aspects of his game and not with on-court performance.

The breakup isn’t happening because Novak has confirmed that Becker and Vajda will be back to his side on Masters tournament in London. London Masters will be held in London from 13th-20th November and will feature world’s eight best tennis players.

Outside of tennis, Djokovic is currently being occupied by different matters. Being great humanist and a great man from Serbia, religion and church takes a big part in his life. As a member of Serbian Orthodox Church, he is one of the main supporters of a church in Vucjem Dolu that carries the name of Saint Atinogen. Church was built with great help from Novak and his family. This kind of actions is what distinguishes Djokovic from rest of the world’s elite athletes. That why he is so loved in Serbia and region. Not to mention rest of the world where Novak also gathered sympathies and huge fan base through his tennis and most importantly due to his personality.

Later today Djokovic is playing the second round of the Paris Masters against Gilles Muller from Luxembourg. In their previous duels, Novak knows only winning. Current score is 3-0 in Djokovic’s favor.