Lionel Messi in the center of scandal that happened after Manchester City – FC Barcelona game

Lionel Messi who is unofficially the best player that has ever played the game is a player that is being watched more than any other. This especially goes when he is on the football pitch. Diminutive Argentine is one of the footballers that is almost impossible to guard. Sometimes it seems like it is impossible and that’s why many of the defenders that are trying to keep Messi at bay fouls him a lot. Some of the measures they use are not allowed, but if the referee doesn’t see them, they go by.

Trash talk is another matter. When not able to stop him physically they try to utilize other ways. Putting Messi out of balance could mean points for some teams, and some players would do anything for their squad.

In Tuesday’s match of Champions League between Manchester City and FC Barcelona Messi was not only a target of on-field defenders but also had troubles when exiting the field. According to Spanish media, he was ruthlessly attacked by players of Manchester City in the tunnel after the match.

They claim that one of them went so far that he completely annoyed Argentinian so much that he could not restrain himself. They didn’t name the City player, but according to sources, he pushed Messi so far that Barcelona’s superstar wanted to fight him.

After the match was over Lionel Messi tried to enter the Manchester City locker-room. He was so persistent that the security of the stadium needed to take over. The bigger incident was prevented, but Messi wasn’t satisfied. He yelled at the closed locker-room doors: “Idiot come out, show me that you are a man.” These claims are hard to confirm at this point, but where there is smoke, there is fire.

The situation was defused at the end calmed by Messi’s countryman and close friend Sergio Aguero. According to sources from Spanish media, Messi even asked for all of this to be added to the records by the official delegate of the game.

Only official confirmation of this incident came from the mouth of Aguero who stated: “I’ve heard some noise, saw that Leo was angry, but I can’t tell the reason why.”

If any of this turn out to be true, stay tuned we will report on it.