Cars that mimic famous Horror movies characters

Good horror movie needs to have a very very evil ultra bad guy. Those kind of characters are the ones staying remembered long after the film has been forgotten. Perhaps they are the reason why horror movies stay remembered by all of the people that have watched them. Some of the most famous figures from horrors, in the spirit of Haloween, have inspired people in to make pictures of cars that would be driven by bad guys. Some of these are really representing their look and their personality. Enough with the talk, take a look at those monsters yourself.

First one on their list is Dodge Ram 1500 which is customized so that it fits all the needs of its owner. If you can’t tell who is it, it’s the Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Next one is the Jeep Wrangler that would be owned by Hannibal Lecter from the Oscar Winning movie Silence Of The Lambs. Being psychologist and cannibal at the same time, interior and exterior of this Wrangler have been completely changed to pleasure the ‘needs’ of Doctor Lecter.

If we had to choose a car for Lord Dracula we would never think of Mazda MX-5 but after seeing car wows photo of Dracula’s MX-5 we had a change of heart. More aggressive with blood-red shade mixing with matte black color it’s a perfect fit for Vlad.

Frankenstein was born in a lab, and in every movie he finds a way to get away from his birthplace. By foot. Having a getaway car would be more practical, so this is the chosen one for him. Made entirely from old parts and equipped by Mercedes’s AMG engine G63 would be the perfect model for Frankenstein.

The Grady twins from The Shining would need two identical cars or at least very similar vehicles for both of them. Smart ForFour and ForTwo were the ideas and a pretty good one at that. There is not much speed in them, but it is not needed. They are going to race with children on tricycles anyway.

The next car is our personal favorite. Tesla Model X that mimics the Xenomorph from Alien. Going for the silent kill with terrifying looks there isn’t better matching car. With its gull-wings doors, Tesla Model X resembles something that came from outer space.

You didn’t have to watch Friday the 13th to hear about Jason Voorhees. Even for those who don’t watch horror movies he and his hockey mask are more than familiar. Being the epitome of fear his face cover looks scary even when you put a larger version of it on Abarth 595. Not a car that we would think about being ideal for Jason but after seeing this image we now think otherwise.

It’s not easy to mimic Ghostface from Scream when you are a car unless you are an Alfa Romeo 4C. When we look at it now, one of this two things inspired the other. Was it the car that inspired the mask or it was the other way around? We don’t know, but this kind of resemblance is just ‘scary’.

Freddy Krueger. We got the chills from only thinking about him. Now, imagine him chasing you with his Ariel Nomad through Elm Street. The sheer sound of that car could kill any of us, and with Krueger behind the wheel, it would be a certain kill.

Pinhead is the leader of Cenobites in Hellraiser series. Just like his name suggests the car would have to be pointy. At least by name. Citroen C4 Cactus. The perfect choice. You could see that they belong to each other by just listening to their names. C4 specially customized for Pinhead gives you the name of its owner from just looking at it.