Are The Cowboys The Favorites To Come Out Of The NFC?

Dallas Cowboys have defied all the injuries of their key players on both sides of the ball, and now, they are led by two rookies. A rookie signal caller that was taken in the fourth round of the NFL Draft and a rookie running back that is leading the NFL in rushing while running behind one great offensive line.

This squad is sitting at 6-1. At this point, they are leading not only their division but their conference too. Cowboys were inconsistent in not too distant past, and that was one of their biggest attributes. This season is a different story as they are the most consistent team in the NFC. They are winners of six straight and really hitting their stride right now.

Should they be considered as the favorites? Seattle has not been able to perform at the highest level, but they are still probably a bit better than the Cowboys. Even though the Packers are the team Dallas has already beaten, if they meet in the playoffs, we are not sure how we can pick Prescott over Rodgers in the postseason duel.

These are the two teams that Dallas can struggle against. But, the home field advantage will help them if they can win it. They are in a good position to do that as of right now. Arizona can make some noise if they get in, but looking at performances and games they showed us so far, Dallas is a better team right now.

They are not the favorite, but they are for sure one of the favorites, and if they don’t mess up what they have going on by putting Romo back in the lineup, they can very well represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.