Dog surf competition in California(VIDEO)

A couple of days ago, the third annual Surf City Surf Dog competition was held in Huntington Beach. On Saturday, dog owners and their furry friends from across Southern California gathered on the beach to have fun and try to win this unusual competition.

According to Associated Press, Marcie Taylor, the organizer of this event, explained what the competition is about saying: “Our surfer dogs are judged on different points like how long they’ve ridden the waves, style points, so it’s a lot like regular human surfers.”

In addition to participants from California, there were also two international competitors on Surf Dog event this year. One was from Brazil, while the other one was from Canada. Abbie Girl, an Australian Kelpie, had been in the competition the longest, but this year, it was only the tenth.

One of the local entrants, Sugar, eventually won the contest, that way beating as many as 40 other rivals. Its owner, Ryan Rustin, was proud to see his dog score the victory. He said: “Sugar got a chance to raise money for the SPCA this year in Orange County and that’s amazing.” He also added: “At first we were just surfing, but now we have an opportunity to raise money and give back.”

Not only was this exciting both for the owners and their cute little pets, but it also gave them the opportunity for fundraising at one of the most pristine beaches in Southern California. This event brings together dog lovers and surfers, and it is the most famous such event in the world. It is usually held in late September. Of course, even if you don’t have a dog, you can go and watch this exciting competition and in that way be a part of it.