Top 13 Ford Mustang Models Ever Assembled

14Ford Mustang is an amazing car!

Its history is long and turbulent becoming the most popular vehicle in the mid-60s, but struggling in the 1970s only to reinvent itself later on. The Mustang is part of the American culture and probably the only other car which could be considered as American as the Mustang is the Corvette, but the Corvette lacks the egalitarian appeal.

Ford Mustang was first created in the minds of Lee Iacocca and Donald Frey who tried to convince Henry Ford II to create it, which he refused at first, but gave the green light eventually. He even said that if the Mustang had been a failure, both of them would have been fired. Instead, Iacocca became the executive vice president of the company with Blue Oval’s sales of the Mustang increasing over two million.

So, what makes the Ford Mustang so successful? First of all, the base price is low, and, secondly, anyone can personalize the Mustang according to their own liking. Moreover, it can be driven on the track, or you can use it to cruise around the neighborhoods and drive your kids to school. This vehicle can be anything, and even though more than 50 years have passed, Ford is still sticking to the formula which brought the model glory. Here are 13 Mustangs that are considered the best.