Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills – Week 16 Picks And Predictions


With only two games left, all squads are battling for something. Teams like Dolphins that are in the Playoff picture are trying to secure their spots in the postseason. There are teams like the Browns that are playing for their dignity, and there are squads like the Bills that will decide whether or not to keep their head coach or quarterback.

The future of Rex Ryan is in question. There are reports that this franchise is leaning towards letting him go after the regular season ends. The same can be said for Tyrod Taylor as the Bills management is wondering whether or not they should move on from an electric signal caller that has had a pretty decent run with the Buffalo Bills.


Dolphins, on the other hand, have just secured their first winning season in almost a decade. They are in the Playoff picture right now after that loss that Patriots handed to the Broncos in Denver. They did lose their starting quarterback, but that defense that has led them to this record is still intact, while the running back that has given them a much-needed spark is still healthy. Jay Ajayi has done wonders for this football squad, and we think he will dominate against the Bills.

Miami has a tough matchup in the final week of the season as they will be hosting the Patriots. Therefore, the sense of urgency will kick in, and Miami is going to get the job done against the Bills in Buffalo behind their running back. Dolphins win this game 26:21.