Dominion Season 3 Canceled

Syfy is doing a great job of building up their original scripted programming slate, and we expect to see more high-quality series from them, but everything has to end sometimes. This genre-based network has decided to put an end to the fantasy drama called Dominion which means that season 3 is not going to air.

This TV Show managed to gather a small fan base so canceling it isn’t as shocking as canceling Sense8 for example, but it is still a major blow for the fans, especially because season 2 has just ended. The season finale ended with a death of an important character, and there were a couple of cliffhangers which made creator Vaun Wilmott believe that Dominion will continue. Now, all we can talk about what could have happened with the storyline.

According to the Syfy executives, everyone who was involved in turning the fantasy film Legion into a TV show did a remarkable job, Deadline reports. Those who watched the series really loved it, but as we have already mentioned, the fan base was small, and this was the main reason to end the production.

The pilot episode of Dominion was watched by 1.9 million people once it was aired back in June 2014 while the season 2 finale was followed by just over 700,000 people, which was a significant drop. In addition, it cost a lot of money to film the episodes, plus the lack of critical appeal was also the reason why Syfy decided to make Dominion Season 2 the last one.

For those who haven’t watched the show, Dominion was set 25 years after the events of the film, and its focus was Christopher Egan’s “Chosen One” Alex and Tom Wisdom’s Michael the Archangel as the saviors of humanity against Gabriel the Archangel. Luckily, shows such as Z Nation, 12 Monkeys, Killjoys and Dark Matter will be renewed for the second season.