Top 5 QB in NFL! Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers… Dak Prescott?

The NFL is the ultimate team game. No sport relies on your teammates being on the same page with you quite like football. Still, the QB position is the most important one on the field as this guy is the one making things happening on the offensive side of the ball. Today, we are here to rank the best that the NFL has to offer. No, Prescott is not on the list despite his outstanding first season. Sophomore quarterback still has a lot to achieve to make it to this list.

Honorable mentions: Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, Andrew Luck, Philipp Rivers

5) MATT RYAN, Atlanta Falcons – You might think that putting the NFL MVP at five is a bit disrespectful, but still, it is a great position to be in. He had an amazing season as he was dominant in the Playoffs and was just a quarter away from winning the Super Bowl. Shanahan was a big part of their success as he was probably the best OC in the game, but still, Ryan was the one executing the game plan.


4) DREW BREES, New Orleans Saints – He is the Saints, plain and simple. There is no way that this team, with this defense, should be able to win a single match if Brees is not on his A game. He is still an elite signal caller, and it’s a shame that Saints are wasting his last years with a sorry defense.

3) BEN ROETHLISBERGER, Pittsburgh Steelers – He has always been in that borderline tier 1 when it comes to the quarterback. Since tier 1, at least in our opinion, has only two guys, we can say that his position hasn’t changed. Steelers are set at the QB position until this man decides to call it a career as he is still one of the best in the sport.

2) AARON RODGERS, Green Bay Packers – Probably the most talented quarterback in the NFL. Whatever the coach draws up, he can do it. There is no throw in the game of football that this man can’t make. One of the greatest to ever do it, still in his prime. Another good year is expected.

1) TOM BRADY, New England Patriots – There is no way that we can put Rodgers number 1 after what this man has done in the Super Bowl. What a comeback and what a game. The greatest of all time has proven once again why he is still the man in the NFL, even though he is going to hit 40 in less than two months. Brady, just like the Patriots, is still at the top of the food chain.