Who’s Dallas Cowboys’ Best Player In 2017?


Dallas Cowboys were led by two rookies in 2016 to a 13-3 record which was more than enough for the number one overall seed going into the NFL Playoffs. That doesn’t often happen in the league as it usually takes some time for the newbies to get used to the transition from the college football to the NFL. It is a grown man league, but these players adjusted pretty well as Elliot was the leading NFL rusher while Prescott turned some heads.

Are they still the best that the Dallas Cowboys have to offer? Well, we know that the offensive line is what they are known for, but since blocking is a team effort by a couple of O-linemen, we are going to exclude them from this list. As good as Prescott was last year, he is still not an elite NFL quarterback, so we don’t think that he is their best player.


To us, it comes down to Ezekiel Elliot and Dez Bryant. Both are elite at their position, and both are the difference makers for the Dallas Cowboys. So, who are we going with?


Dez Bryant is a good player, but Elliot is the best that the ‘Boys have to offer. He is more consistent, we can rely on him beasting and feasting on the opposing defenses each and every game. Yes, the O-line helps, but he is as fast as anyone in the NFL, knows when and how to hit the holes and is extremely hard to take down because of the upper-body strength that he possesses. Dez can have a good game, but we are kind of used to seeing him shine one week and not show up the next. That is not the case with Elliot, and that is why he is their best player going into this 2017 campaign.