Is Donald Trump Sending Astronauts To Mars?

Gene Cernan is the last US astronaut who stepped foot on the surface of the Moon, and unfortunately, he passed away only a few days before the inauguration of the current President Donald Trump. Cernan must have died disappointed, not because he missed the inauguration, but because he predicted that the Americans would send their astronauts to Mars by the end of 20th century. Like Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Indians or Atlanta Falcons, the US had an early lead when it comes to sending people to Mars, but they kind of ran out of power and will.

Can Donald Trump be the president who will send astronauts to Mars? This may sound silly, but he has already had several meetings with SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk, who besides producing marvelous cars is also leading the campaign for colonizing Mars. According to Musk, reaching and colonizing the Red Planet is essential for the existence of humankind because it is just the matter of time when a meteor will fall from the sky and wipe us out just like it killed all of the dinosaurs. That is why Musk believe we have to be a “multi-planetary species.”

Mars is the only planet in the Solar System that is similar to Earth and life on it is possible. But why is Donald Trump so interested? So far, he hasn’t even chosen a nominee to head the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Trump probably realizes the importance of colonizing Mars in his talks with Musk, and if he pulls this off, there is no doubt that he will be remembered for ages. Here are four reasons why people should land on Mars.

Glorious America – You may or may not believe in the President Donald Trump, but he remembers the day when the US astronauts landed on the Moon, which was definitely the heyday of the United States because they showed the world what they were capable of. Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again” and by that, he didn’t just mean improving and modernizing the military or bringing car companies within state’s borders. The sense of national mission has faded away in the recent few decades and sending the US astronauts to Mars is perfect to restore that sense.

Mars Resembles the Earth – This is the only planet in the Solar System that resembles the Earth, and it may not be perfect, but luckily for us, it is nearby. The atmosphere on Mars is thin, there is nothing to see on the surface but red sand and rocks, there is no liquid water, but there is radiation. We said it was similar to the Earth? What Mars does contain is the frozen water at its poles and a lot of it, while the planet’s soil has some nutrients that are key for the plant’s life. The temperature is usually below freezing, but with a lot of investment, a small colony could survive on Mars.

Technology Enhancement – Because of the space program, technology has developed significantly, and we have NASA researching artificial limbs, hearing implants, solar cells, ventricular heart devices to name a few. If NASA decides to focus on one goal, it can really produce amazing technology. Thus, a manned mission to Mars is important not only for restoring the glory of the US but also for enhancing technology even more.

Political Advantages – Some of NASA’s space operations and research facilities such as the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the Johnson Space Center in Texas are located in the states which were important for Trump’s election victory. Also, some of the aerospace companies are moving from California to e.g. Alabama or Colorado, which means that if Mr. Trump invests in the space program, he would create more jobs and make ensure the “easy” vote from the swing states in the next election.

Trump will certainly be remembered one way or another, but if he manages to send astronauts to Mars, there is no doubt that it will be his most memorable legacy. Do you think he is capable of doing so?