GoPro made confirmation – Hero 6 will launch in 2017!

Recently GoPro made an announcement regarding their final earnings report for 2016, and while the news isn’t good (for the company at least), we managed to get the info that fired us up.

GoPro Hero 6 Release Date

Apparently CEO Nick Woodman, after the new bad financial standing in 2016, announced that the Hero 6 would be launched in 2017. But this is slightly confusing info. Although Woodman revealed the year we will see the new GoPro, he didn’t mention any specific time frame in 2017 when we might actually see it. But let’s do some brain workout. Since the Hero 5 Black and Session got launched just a few months ago, the logical thing would be to expect the Hero 6 to hit the market sometime very late in 2017. But naturally expect to be updated right here, as we get hold of the new info regarding this topic.

Hero 6 features

Woodman was secretive on this story and didn’t reveal much regarding the features that the Hero 6 will have. The only thing he did say is that the company was focusing on VR and 360-degree video. He also added that GoPro users are already using their cameras (the Hero 4 and 5) to make 360-degree videos, but they are having a lot of problems with a single wide-angle lens which is just not enough, and problem regarding sharing those videos.

Woodman has a vision, and that vision implies a multi-lens camera which would create a “spherical video” that you can with ease playback on your phone (just like you can on YouTube and Facebook). He also envisioned this in a way which allows positions to be tracked and a standard 2D video created as you move the phone around. Woodman also referred to this one as the “ultimate, ultimate GoPro.” Why is that so?! Well, a simple fact is that you can use it to create VR content, along with everything else.

Whether the news and speculations regarding the GoPro Hero 6 are true for now, nobody knows, but what is certain is that the company will put additional effort in it, especially after the big financial losses in 2016 and having to recall and re-launch the Karma drone. They will most definitely make sure that the Hero 6 has that kind of features that people will want to buy them with no questions asked. As a cherry on top we must inform you that Woodman also mentioned a range of new accessories that will be launched in 2017, but what those could be it is still too early to guess.