“Donald Trump Vs. The Rock” hype video! Its the right kind of smack talking delight you need!


Some of you probably recall that Donald Trump, not so long ago, was a sideshow fixture during WWE matches. Why is that so? Well, the answer is simple enough, he has an incredible ability to command the attention of people. That is why his success in real estate is so big and his TV Show The Apprentice was so popular. Thanks to that fact his cameos with Vince McMahon and the WWE managed to raise up the ratings, for a short period of time though.

The opposite of this is the People’s Champ – Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock who is one of the greatest entertainers in modern history. This guy is currently the no.1 man in Hollywood, and he will only be bigger and bigger, especially with the fact that his Baywatch spinoff is coming out this weekend. This man has such a huge fan base and so many followers that he can single-handedly change whatever crosses your mind. He might as well start his own Church because with that much people backing him up he would be pretty much unstoppable.

Just recently we did an article that had a poll in it showing that in a Presidential Election pitting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson against Donald Trump, The Rock would win the election 42% to Trump’s 37%. That is a huge thing, and it just confirms the thing I was previously mentioning. In order to show you just what a “Trump vs. The People’s Champ” election might look like, Jimmy Kimmel decided he should put his editors to work and throw together this glorious hype video. Check it out here!