Filtre Studio Presents Breath-Taking Graphic Design and CGI Work

We live in a world of technology and graphic design, photo manipulation and retouching are things that we encounter online almost every day. Moreover, a lot of amazing work has been done for advertisement industry and most of the times, the quality is at the highest level, and although you know it is not real, you might end up thinking that it can be real.

If you love this kind of art (can we call it art?), you will adore this work done by Filtre Studio, a company which primary focus is high-end graphic design, CGI and creative image retouching. They cooperate with different advertising agencies, photographers, and design firms in order to create as best images as possible. You can find simple color corrections or even complex multi-image composites which combine 10 or more photos.

Robert Frolich established the Filtre Studio back in 2007, but before that he worked for over eighteen years as an advertising art director and creative director on brands such as General Motors, International Truck and Sony.

“Filtre Studio is an award-winning production studio focused on creating inspired imagery through high-end retouching, compositing, and CGI. Merging our considerable artistic experience and technical expertise, we provide clients with a wide range of post-production skills and creative problem solving to create consistently beautiful visuals.”

The company is a contributor to Advanced Photoshop Magazine from the UK and Advanced Creation from France. Their astonishing work has been recognized in various publications, and awards from events such as ADDY Awards, International Photography Awards, Communication Arts, US Ad Review, German Vanity Fair, Lurzer’s Archive 200 Best Digital Artists, Summit and Webby Awards.

As you can see, they are popular around the world and here, you can see some breath-taking photos that this crew has created. Enjoy.