Dubai – It will be an Unforgettable Vacation

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Dubai is probably one of the most visited destinations in the world. If it is not the most visited, then it is surely the most sought-out destination for tourists. This city is an amazing place for tourists, combining the history and mystery of the Arabian Desert with the futuristic metropolis with amazing architecture.

Finding the top 10 attractions in the Emirates is a great place to start when planning your trip to Dubai. A lot of cities have tried rivaling this amazing city, but nothing can compare to these towering giants and hundreds of outlets.

If you are planning your Dubai trip, then make sure to check out our recommendation of the top things to do on your vacation.


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Probably the most famous landmark in Dubai and the first thing every tourist notices is a must-see. Rising out of nowhere in the desert, in the middle of Dubai is the world’s tallest building, the BurjKhalifa. At the top of those 2717 feet, you will enjoy the amazing view over Dubai. No vacation in Dubai is going to be complete with a trip to the top of the BurjKhalifa. The 148th and 125th floor of the Burj is visiting floors. This gives visitors a chance to experience this amazing vantage point of the city. If you time your climbing on the Burj with the Dubai Fountain show, then you will enjoy the ridiculous synchronized water spectacle.

Bus sightseeing tours

Dubai has many attractions and major sites connecting to the main highway, the SheikzZayed Road. The sightseeing tours travel down the SheikzZayed Road to all the top attractions you want to visit. Whether you are interested in the traditional culture of the city or the amazing futuristic architecture of the BurjKhalifa, these sightseeing tours allow you to hop-on or off at any time. This gives you the freedom and ability to experience the city at your pace. These buses usually come every five to ten minutes, so you do not have to worry about waiting long under the desert sun.

Desert safaris

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Another important attraction for a lot of tourists is the desert safari. Experience the desert the same way the Bedouins have for many years in the past. Climb on a Land Cruiser or a Hummer and start this amazing drive through the majestic desert. Once you reach the desert, you will have the choice to experience the sand dunes further on a camel.

Fun activities

If you are done exploring the city’s amazing architecture and its traditional culture of souks and early trading posts, then you can start experiencing the city’s fun side. It offers a lot of fun activities like
• Waterpark. It may well be one of the biggest water parks in the world. From giant water tunnels reaching crazy speeds to water tunnels that go under an aquarium with stingrays and sharks.
• Aquarium.Huge aquariums with all kinds of fishes that you have probably never seen before.
• Speed boat and jet-ski rides. There are a number of companies offering speed boat tours and cheap jet-ski rides.
• Indoor Skiing. If you don’t really like the heat, then you can just hop in your ski suit and start your indoor skiing.