During filming of Curse of the Oak Island Season 5 human bones were found!

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During the filming of this TV Show, a lot of surprising things were expected to happen, and they did. But so far, nothing was as significant as the human bones, soft tissue, and hair that were found while making the most recent episode in Season 5. As you already know this show features two brothers Rick and Marty Lagina who have set a goal to discover the mystery surrounding a supposed 220-year-old curse on the island. Throughout the five seasons, they have used a lot of traditional research and modern technology as well in their efforts to find out all the mysteries and shed light on the various theories that are connected to Oak Island.

As we already mentioned, this last discovery has shocked the entire crew, as well as us, the viewers, and a sneak preview of this was played at the end of the most recent episode with a huge hint that more about these findings will be featured in the next episode/s. The sneak peek showed us the team visiting St. Mary’s University in Halifax where they brought, what they believe, is a fragment of a bone. In order to make sure that it is what they think it is, tests will be conducted on the find. Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Christa Brosseau and technician Dr. Xian Yiang will do these tests, and at the end of sneak peek we saw Marty asking them if this is actually a human bone.

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What is interesting is that only one bone was showed at the end of the latest episode, but the truth is that the team found two, and as these things go we will have to wait until the next episode to find out any and all details about the other one. Besides the bones, in this episode team also received a letter that came from Timothy R. Frasier, the Coordinator of the Forensic Sciences Program in the Department of Biology at St. Mary’s University. The date stamp on the letter is September 14, 2017, and it was regarding the other bone that was discovered. The letter explains that both found pieces have been tested and the results showed that they are very likely from two different bones. Thanks to Rick who read the letter out loud we found out that both pieces are those of a human, and he said that it is a good thing that they are from two different bones.

In the letter, Frasier also wrote that they need to continue conducting further tests in order to see if they will show them anything else important, like if there are any indications of their origin, but these tests will take a few days. That means that we are in store for something really interesting (at least we hope). This episode also showed us that the team discovered an anomaly in the hole where the bones were found. Besides that, the location contained some pottery that is presumably dated from the late 1700s. This entire episode was surrounded in a mysterious shroud, and the voiceover at the end of it shared info that suggests that both the bones and pottery fragments might hold the secret to the mysteries surrounding Oak Island. We will see about that, right?!