Update On When John Cena Will Return!


John Cena is not able to wrestle the full schedule like he did back in the day when he was the top guy in the WWE. To some, he still is as this guy is one of the biggest draws that the company has. The fact of the matter is that whatever he does, whatever storyline he is involved in, Cena makes everything feel of great importance. That is the quality that The Cenation Leader has shown to have at this late stage of his career.

Whenever he is coming back to the ring, the company is more than glad to have him in the mix. If he is also available for the live shows, it means that the ticket sales are going to be much better than they would have if he were not to show up on the event. That is just a testament to how big of a draw he is.


Monday Night Raw will have a true Christmas edition this year as Monday is going to be a Christmas day. Right now, we know that John Cena is being advertised for that event, which makes sense since the WWE is likely going to try to put a respectable show for the biggest holiday of the year.

On the other hand, we know that Cena is also going to work a live event in the Madison Square Garden, world’s most famous arena. WWE tends to stack the card whenever they visit the Garden and this time is not going to be any different since Cena will face Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship, the first time ever that it is going to happen. It is definitely interesting to see if Cena is going to have some kind of a role going into the Royal Rumble or is this showing on Christmas day just a way to boost the ratings.