Paige Speaks Up On Her Return To WWE!


The youngest ever Divas Champion in the history of the WWE is back in the ring. After being hurt, suspended and humiliated, one of the most popular women’s performers in the recent memory is back where she belongs – in the wrestling ring. Paige is one of those stars that will get cheered no matter what the situation is. The fans love her.

She said that the road to her coming back wasn’t easy. Paige was dealing with a lot of things and had a really dark period in her life. When her private photos and videos leaked out, the state of her mind was not good. In her words, she was on the verge of Britney Spears-like breakdown.


To make matters worse, she was dealing with a lot of pain since she had a lot of neck issues that just wouldn’t go away. The doctors were even telling her that her neck injury might cost her career, which made Paige feel even worse. Taking a huge amount of medication is never a good thing, but she had to do it in order to fight off the pain. The troubles with now ex-boyfriend didn’t help either.

When she did officially get cleared to return to the ring, WWE and specifically the McMahon family were completely supportive of her and backed this woman up. Words from Stephanie McMahon also left a big mark in her mind as she said that the company is her home and the ring was her place. Vince and Triple H also believed that she can still be something big in the WWE, which is always a huge relief for a struggling and returning star. Paige is now continuing where she left off before all these problems took her away from her fans.