Dwayne Johnson Had $7 In His Pocket At The Beginning Of His Acting Career

Source; iMagazine.com

In 2016, Dwayne Johnson became the highest paid actor, but it wasn’t always like that for the famous star. The former WWE wrestler was named Forbes’ highest paid actor last year, and he earned this due to the movies such as Fast and Furious and San Andreas. At the beginning of his acting career, Johnson had only $7 in his pocket, believe it or not.

He became a professional WWE wrestler in 1996, and he got his famous nickname “The Rock” exactly in wrestling. Even since then, you could watch him fight in more than 400 matches, and his winning percentage rate exceeds 50 percent. He was definitely one of the best in business, and he remained one of the best even after he started a whole new career.

Source; addicted2success.com

The 44-year-old actor became really famous after the role of Luke Hobbs in the renowned movie Fast and Furious. So far, he has appeared in three installments, and he will be a part of the cast in the last sequel called Fate of the Furious. The three movies Dwayne Johnson starred in managed to gross close to $3 billion worldwide, while San Andreas, where he plays the role of Raymond Gaines made nearly $300 million.

It appears that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has never forgotten about the rough beginning and so he named his company $7 Bucks Productions. Some of the movies that will arrive this year with the famous actor starring in them are Baywatch and Jumanji. In the latter, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart will join Johnson in the lead roles, while in Baywatch, the former wrestler will portray Mitch Buchanan.