Dwayne Johnson And J.J. Watt – Trouble With Quads


To be successful in any type of business you need to work on yourself and further develop your skills. Both Dwayne The Rock Johnson and J.J. Watt know this, and they spend a lot of time in the gym. When you look at those guys, you can see that hard work pays off, check out their size!!!

With all that muscles they do encounter similar problems, and Hollywood and NFL star addressed those in a few hilarious tweets. Since they have similar body types, it seems that J.J. and Dwayne tend to exchange messages here and there, and this time, they talked about issues with finding appropriately sized jeans that can fit their big quads.


In tweets that they have exchanged, Johnson called them “quadzillas,” while Watt wrote how their messages were far from “glamorous,” he continued by adding “when a guy’s gotta find some jeans, he’s gotta find some jeans.” It would be hilarious to see those messages in full.

One thing that also interests me, and I’m sure that you are on that with me, is, how did the two guys like them start all that talk about jeans and problems with their big quads. Well, it can be quite awkward when you think about that, but in a hilarious way.


Were they texting each other before the big question? Who started it? How many texts J.J. or Dwayne needed to exchange before feeling comfortable enough to talk about tight jeans and big quads? Anyway, if this one leaks to Twitter it would be funny, plus, it would help all those guys with giant quads when buying jeans. Because of that, and not only for laughs, we hope that they will share more info with us.