Dwayne Johnson Thought Up Powerful And Heartbreaking Scene In Skyscraper


We need to start this one with a spoiler warning, and if you didn’t watch Dwayne Johnson’s latest project, Skyscraper, you should stop here. Anyway, according to Hiram Garcia, President of Production at Seven Bucks Productions, The Rock was responsible for one of the most powerful and heartbreaking scenes in this movie.

Will Sawyer, one-legged FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader, and U.S. war veteran is a security adviser that has the assignment to assess the tallest and safest building in the world. While you might think that this is yet another movie in which Dwayne’s character will destroy anyone in his path and end up with only a few scratches, you are wrong.

Yes, he might save the day in the end, but he is not invulnerable, and we can see him more than a few times on the floor getting beaten. The scene we are talking about is quite emotional, and in it, we can see Will’s daughter taken by terrorists and here is the explanation of Hiram Garcia:

“I remember, there was a specific moment, which was a Dwayne moment. We were filming Rampage and as we were still kind of fleshing out the script and Skyscraper was prepping, Dwayne called up and he was like, ‘We gotta have a moment where the audience sees them take her from me and they know. Oh Shit. There’s nothing gonna stop him from going to get her.’ You get that great scene where they kind of hit him in the back of the head and they’re pulling her away and she’s screaming for daddy and you just feel that heart wrench of this little girl being pulled away and you just know there’s nothing on this planet gonna stop this hero from hurting these guys and getting his little girl back.”

It is clear that Will would do anything to save his family and we can see many scenes in which he faces death. Johnson wanted to show that emotion and to present his character that is willing to do anything to save his family. As a result, he came up with that scene where his daughter is taken.


Without a doubt, this is one of the best moments of the film, and it had a great impact on the project. In one scene we can see Sawyer’s death glare towards people who took his daughter and nervous laughs that it incited. Just like us, at that moment, when watching that part, Hiram Garcia knew that those guys are in trouble. Here is what he said: “When he does the slow lookup, you’re like, ‘Oh that’s it for you buddy. It’s not gonna end well for you.’ ”

Currently, Skyscraper is in theaters all over the world. While it had a slow start in the U.S., it is doing quite well overseas.