Dwayne Johnson – Busiest guy in the world!


There is no doubt that Dwayne The Rock Johnson is one of the most popular people in the world. Yes, that is right. He is not only a star in Hollywood, he is an international superstar. He works hard every single day, striving for greatness all the time. That’s why he is one of the best in the world at what he does.


The Rock reached that box office status because everybody watches the movies that he is in because of him. Dwayne is that someone that makes the projects that he is involved in so special.

That is one of the reasons why his schedule is so busy. Everybody wants to book The Rock. He is always ready to take on a challenge and that is why he is so successful.

One of the examples of his worth ethic is his cast in 2017’s Jumanji. Hiram Garcia, someone who works with him at Seven Bucks Productions has always said that The Rock’s work ethic is second to none. That cast is the prime example.


“It was a testament, especially to Dwayne, who’s one of the busiest guys in the world, but something about that night – I feel like we were maybe at Wrestlemania or something like that. I am horrible with references in time, but I believe we were at an event like that. We just land it and Dwayne read the script that night. I read it that night, and it was just there. Right away on first reading, you just kind of got it.”

Even though his schedule was busy, he read the script right away and loved what he saw. Dwayne recognized that Jumanji was a great project that has a lot of potential so he wanted to take it on.