Did Dwayne Johnson Cause The Eclipse?


Who is responsible for the Eclipse that happened several days ago? Is it the position of the Moon, the Sun, and Earth, or is it something else? This is not a conspiracy theory, and we even have proof that Dwayne Johnson caused the Eclipse seen only in America. Coincidence? I believe not. In fact, he himself admitted that he did it. Let’s take a look at the video below.

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The Rock said that he was in the middle of the work out when the total solar eclipse occurred. He then declared that his height must have been the reason for it. He shared the video with more than 90 million followers on Instagram, and he said: “You talk about once in a lifetime. … Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls of all ages … This is special. I am, in fact, causing an eclipse—the first human ever to cause [an eclipse].”

In the end, he realized that it was not him who is causing the solar eclipse and he felt embarrassed. During his wrestling career, Dwayne Johnson was known for his show-off alpha male kind of style, and he incorporated that into this short video. Well, he has the right to feel confident – he was the highest-paid Hollywood actor for some time. Moreover, he said that he would even run for president in the next presidential election.

Perhaps someone told him that the rock would cover the sun and he confused himself with the rock otherwise known as The Moon. All jokes, aside, we could see that Johnson was very excited about the eclipse and he was not the only celebrity. Sarah Jessica Parker watched it with Mathew Broderick and their kids, but some other stars such as Katy Perry, Jack Black, Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer had fun during the eclipse.

What do you think about Rock’s hilarious video?