Apple iPhone 8 Could Be Announced on September 12

September 12 should be marked down on your calendar as an important date since there is a possibility that Apple will unveil the next iPhone at 9 am on that day. It was said in a report written by Mac4Ever, plus, we need to add the fact to this that the Apple is about to hold a press event on September 12, thus increasing the possibility.

Nonetheless, this wouldn’t come as a big surprise, since it is well known that tech giant has been announcing new iPhone’s each September since 2012. Moreover, Apple conferences are always held on Tuesday for an unknown reason. Therefore, numerous people couldn’t decide between September 5 and September 12. It will certainly be revealed very soon since the company will send press invites in a few days.

Therefore, in case you are considering buying a new iPhone at the moment, you should wait a couple of weeks. Pre-orders are usually started on Friday after the press conference and devices are released a week later.

If you still don’t want to buy a new iPhone, you will still get a great software update with iOS 11. Its final version will be released sometime between September 12 and September 22.

Furthermore, a new version of the Apple Watch is also likely to come out. The most important change is that this gadget is going to have LTE connectivity. Another update might be added to the Apple TV and 4K video output.

There have been some rumors that the company has been working on three different models of iPhone. There’s a chance that this press conference will be used for announcing a more powerful iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, along with a brand new super premium phone. The speculated “iPhone 8” is going to have a taller screen which fills everything but the camera, speaker, and sensors at the front of the phone.

The camera should also be improved, and there are going to be some new tricks, too.