WWE’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reveals A Huge Mystery!


One of the greatest wrestling mysteries has been revealed by no one other than the man himself, Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Samoan used to wrestle in the past, and during that period he was known for his fierce rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold Steve retired in 2003, but during his time The Rock was his arch nemesis.

Over the years both The Rock and Stone Cold fought each other numerous times dealing punches and using their finishing moves in every match, however, there was that one strange time that surprised everyone. You probably haven’t seen The Rock getting knocked out, but during that one fight, it happened.

Stone Cold used his trademark punch the Stone Cold Stunner, and The Rock fell astonishingly. Those who were a bit wiser then probably figured that Dwayne’s future lay in acting.

Years after this magnificent fall Dwayne decided to shed some light on that match. He took to Twitter to explain why he flapped like a fish that got out of its fish tank on the ground. According to The Rock, it was due to a bet he made with the Texas Rattlesnake.

They had a bet and tons of beer were at stake. The goal was to make his fall as crazy as possible. Dwayne managed to sell the stunner perfectly. Texas Rattlesnake himself didn’t have the chance to expand on this claim, but we are sure that Austin had to buy at least a dozen of cases of beer for that one.

Dwayne said that betting with Austin wasn’t anything unusual back then. ‘Me and Steve Austin used to bet cases of beer on how crazy I could get with my ‘sell’ of his famous Stunner,” he claimed.

What’s even more interesting is that the Stone Cold stunner is the only wrestling move ever used on a POTUS. And of course, it was used on Donald Trump. Just like Dwayne, Mr. President sold this one easily.

The last clash between the Rock and Stone Cold happened during the Wrestlemania XIX in 2003. The Rock won that match, and it was the last battle these two legends fought.